Entrepreneurial Mindset

entrepreneurial mindsetWhy we do what we do and what skills are needed? Fresh off an interview in which I candidly answered questions about my journey, I am struck by two things that bubbled to the surface: 1) my entrepreneurial spirit is fueled by passion, and 2) problem solving, relationship building, and creativity are my driving forces.

We are translators and interpreters because we love it. Plain and simple! Taking an idea from one language, breaking it down into its component parts, inspecting it from various angles in different lights, to ultimately render it accurately and completely in another language without any trace of its transformation, can seem like magic. However, we love this process for the actual craft that it is, even though we not only see behind the curtain, but also are intimately involved in every step along the way.

Problem solving and creativity go hand in hand. Being an entrepreneur means not being afraid to experiment and come up with creative solutions. It could be anything from an IT issue, or a particularly nasty sentence bursting with legal jargon spilling across half a page, to whether or not we add a particular service or new specialty area.

Relationship building is important for any business, but particularly for the service industry. In our world, it applies to direct clients and language service providers. Timely email follow-up, asking questions or noting any uncertainties in the text for review, recommending colleagues in times of limited capacity – these are all ways to build relationships.

There is freedom in following your dream even though many of us are more plugged in than we would like to admit. But would I do it all over again if I had the chance? Without a doubt!

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